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“Patients with chronic illness or multiple symptoms are often hesitant to talk with ‘one more doctor’ because they’ve been dismissed so often. I believe this is the most common reason a chronic sufferer continues to suffer in silence.”


Dr. Craig A. Maxwell is board certified in integrative medicine, family medicine, and osteopathic medicine. He is a physician who understands your struggle with chronic illness and “mystery symptoms” and wants to help you achieve your best health. Over the span of his 30-year practice, he has successfully treated many patients with conditions such as hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, hormonal imbalances, adrenal fatigue, heavy metal toxicity, food and environmental allergies, nutritional deficiencies, chronic gastrointestinal disorders, candida overgrowth, autoimmune illnesses, and Lyme disease. Dr. Maxwell’s goal is to identify and treat the root cause(s) of your symptoms.

Dr. Maxwell consults with patients at his Integrative Medical Center in Metamora, Indiana as well as through telemedicine.

Dr. Maxwell listens to you and understands what you’re going through. He will take time to carefully review your medical history, discuss your symptoms, thoroughly review your test results with you, and order/recommend any further testing, if needed. He will then design a unique, targeted treatment protocol to help you return to a state of wellness.

What Dr. Maxwell’s Patients Say About Him


Having seen several doctors for multiple symptoms over the past 3 years, I finally found Dr. Maxwell. My problem turned out to be hypothyroidism. Dr. Maxwell treated this with natural thyroid, and I feel 100% better! What a difference in my life!


To have a doctor who is kind, compassionate and excellent in patient care is a true blessing. Thank you, Dr. Maxwell for donating your time to the medical Appalachian Project. May God continue to bless you and nurse Debbie.

At Last! ~ A Great Doctor Who Listens And Cares!

There are so many great things about Dr. Maxwell to try to put into words. He discovered and cured me of rheumatoid arthritis with dietary changes and supplements. My diabetes is gone. He takes all the time you need. After seeing 6 different doctors over the past few years with no answers or success, I am elated. He and his staff are very kind and helpful. As I live 300 miles from his office, I also use the phone/email nutritional/lifestyle consultations. They have been great.


After suffering for 3 years from what several doctors had labeled as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome, I decided to see Dr. Maxwell. I was on 5 medications for the symptoms and they were not helping. Dr. Maxwell discovered the true cause (Systemic Candida Syndrome). After only three months, I am symptom free and feel like a new person. I am off all medication.

Dr. Maxwell Is A Doctor’s Doctor!

…As the saying goes among doctors! I am an ophthalmologist, and my wife is a pediatrician. We have been on the same hospital staff with Dr. Maxwell for over 20 years. He has always been there for us. He is the “go-to” doctor when you need an expert medical opinion or preventive medicine. We are proactive about our health and he has helped us greatly. For that same 20 year period, he has been the only doctor on our staff who still finds time to make house calls. Very kind, compassionate and caring…with a wonderful sense of humor!


For about 7 years, I worked in a now closed chemical plant. We were not told what chemicals we were disposing of, and no safety measures were used…which is why the plant was closed. After working there, my health deteriorated to the point where I walked with a cane at the age of 32. Most days I was not able to get out of bed. I had always been very active and athletic. I now had multiple severe neurological and orthopedic symptoms.

I saw over 30 specialists in 7 years… often traveling out of state to do this. I was totally disabled. Most of the doctors thought it was all in my head and I needed to see a psychiatrist. Some of the doctors thought I had been exposed to something but didn’t know where to start. Others said I could not be helped and had to live with it.

After reading an article about Dr. Maxwell, I decided to make an appointment in September 2011. It was the best decision of my life.

Dr. Maxwell suspected heavy metal toxicity… and testing showed that I had huge amounts of mercury and cadmium in my body. He began a detox program, and within 4 months testing revealed the toxic levels were gone. Each week I felt better. I now have my life back. I am able to work again. I am pain free, happy and healthy. I can once again take care of my family, swim and play my favorite sport… basketball.

Dr. Maxwell’s Professional Credentials

Dr. Maxwell is Board Certified in Family Medicine, Integrative Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine. He is one of a small number of physicians nationwide to attain, and maintain, certification in three medical specialties.

Dr. Maxwell has been honored with numerous awards, including Health Care Hero from the Cincinnati Business Courier. He has also been nominated for Physician of the Year by the Cincinnati Business Courier. Other awards include the Patients’ Choice Award for 2008-2015 as well as the Compassionate Doctor Award for 2009-2015.

Dr. Maxwell is a member of The Christian Medical and Dental Association, The American Osteopathic Association, The Ohio Osteopathic Association, The American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians, The Cincinnati Academy of Osteopathic Medicine, The American College For Advancement In Medicine, The American Association of Integrative Medicine and The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Dr. Maxwell is a Diplomate of the National Board of Examiners of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons. He is also a Diplomate of the American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians. Dr. Maxwell is a Fellow of The American Association of Integrative Medicine.

Achieve Your Best Health

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