Fun Health Facts for 2011


To decrease your chances of catching a cold, avoid watching too much TV.

Recent studies have shown that exercise reduces the frequency and severity of colds more than any other lifestyle factor. Experts believe that exercise triggers immune cells to temporarily circulate, fighting infection.

Gargling salt water helps a sore throat.

Though it isn’t a cure, “a saltwater gargle- ¼ to ½ teaspoon of salt dissolved in an 8-ounce glass of water- can temporarily relieve a sore or scratchy throat,” according to doctors at the Mayo Clinic. Doctors believe the salt works by reducing swelling or inflammation.

Cranberries reduce the cause of cavities.

The antibacterial components in cranberry juice inhibit bacterial growth in your mouth, which is a leading cause of cavities. (Beware of cranberry drinks with added sugar, though. They only defeat the purpose.) Another bonus? One cup of cranberries has just 51 calories and is loaded with Vitamin C.

To help you pass up that second piece of chocolate cake you should: make a fist!

For an instant hit of willpower, clench your fist. A new study found that tightening your muscles when faced with temptation can help shore up your self-control. One caution: It only works in the moment- meaning, while you’re actually staring down that slice.

Honey helps a burn to heal.

Studies have shown that people with mild to moderate burns found that honey helped wounds heal faster than some antibiotic creams.

What are some of your fun health facts?


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