How To Get Rid Of H. Pylori Naturally


by: Dr. Craig A. Maxwell

If you’re suffering with chronic gastritis, acid reflux, bloating, or peptic ulcer, there may be an underlying cause of your condition. It’s called helicobacter pylori (often called H. pylori), a common cause of stomach ulcers.

What is Helicobacter Pylori?

Helicobacter pylori is a bacterium that causes chronic gastritis (intestinal inflammation) and ulcer. It can also cause acid reflux. It is estimated that over 90% of people with peptic ulcers are infected with this bacterium. People with H. pylori in their bodies fall into two categories: Colonized and infected. Colonized patients often do not notice any symptoms, whereas infected patients do.

Helicobacter Pylori Causes

H. pylori lives in the GI tract of up to 30% of the Unites States population, 80% of whom are asymptomatic. The most common cause of H. pylori infection is contaminated food or water or person-to-person contact with saliva, blood, vomit or fecal matter. This infection is sometimes contracted in childhood.

Symptoms of H. Pylori Infection

Symptoms of helicobacter pylori infection can sometimes be difficult to pin down. Since the bacterium is the primary cause of stomach ulcers, this can be a strong indication of H. pylori infection.

Other symptoms include:

  • Burning Abdominal Pain
  • Frequent Burping
  • Bloating
  • Vomiting
  • Sudden Weight Loss
  • Chronic Acid Reflux
  • Bad Breath
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Constant Hunger

Patients with helicobacter pylori may experience some or all of these symptoms. In addition to clawing abdominal pain and terrible acid reflux, helicobacter pylori can eventually lead to stomach and esophageal cancer.

Four Methods of Diagnosing H. Pylori  

Accurate diagnosis is the first step to effective treatment. These are the four most promising methods of diagnosing helicobacter pylori infection.

  • Blood Antibody Test

Some blood antibody tests are not the most accurate. The H. pylori blood antibody test from Direct Labs is a very effective blood test for diagnosing this bacterium. It tests for IgG, IgA, and IgM antibodies for more complete and accurate testing.

However, antibodies to H.pylori may remain positive for several months after an H.pylori infection is gone, so it is not the best test for followup after treatment.

  • Urea Breath Test

Urea is a chemical made up of nitrogen and carbon and is normally produced by the body from excess waste. In a person without an H. Pylori infection, these nitrogen-containing chemicals are eliminated in the urine.

The test is done by having the patient swallow a small tablet containing urea from an isotope of carbon. Exhaled breath is then collected and examined. Carbon dioxide detection on the breath means the patient is positive for helicobacter pylori infection.

  • Stomach Biopsy Test

In a stomach biopsy test, a small piece of your stomach lining is taken during an upper endoscopy (EGD) and examined for the presence of H. pylori. This procedure can be uncomfortable but is quite accurate.

  • Stool Antigen Test

A stool antigen test is one of the most accurate methods of detecting H. pylori infection. For my patients, I recommend the H. pylori stool antigen kit from Direct Labs. The test can be taken in the privacy of your own home with results seen within 7-10 business days. To ensure accurate testing, it’s important to not take digestive enzymes, antacids or aspirin during the first two days and prior to and during the collection.

How to Heal H. Pylori and the Drawbacks of Conventional Methods

  • Conventional H. Pylori  Treatments

Once helicobacter pylori infection is confirmed, most doctors will prescribe two or three antibiotics plus a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) to treat your symptoms. Since no single antibiotic can successfully treat an H. pylori infection, you may have to take several courses of antibiotics over the course of weeks or months to eradicate the infection. This form of therapy eradicates H. pylori about 80-85% of the time. For most, it is a difficult treatment to tolerate.

Another problem with this course of treatment is the antibiotics not only destroy the H. pylori infection but will also destroy many of the healthy bacteria in your gut. It can also leave you open to chronic candida infection and autoimmune-related diseases.

Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) prevent your body from properly producing necessary hydrochloric acid. This will stop stop the pain of GERD, and may allow ulcers to heal, but they do not address the underlying cause. If H. pylori is not completely treated, the symptoms will return.

  • Natural H. Pylori  Treatments

         What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Helicobacter Pylori Naturally?

Since conventional H. pylori treatments can cause such unwanted side effects and often do not completely clear the infection, I recommend a more natural approach.

Diamond Nutritionals’ Stomach Support Formula is my recommended treatment for documented H.pylori infection. Stomach Support Formula also contains a blend of other ingredients which kill H. pylori, while soothing the stomach.

For the past 12 years, all of my patients who tested positive through breath testing, stool or upper GI tract biopsy for H. pylori were placed on this formula. After only thirty consecutive days of treatment (one capsule twice a day), 95% of patients who tested positive for the infection tested completely negative with no evidence of H.pylori.

For those who have not been successful with traditional triple or quadruple treatment, or who have had H.pylori symptoms for longer than 6 months, I recommend a second month of treatment. After a 2 month treatment, about 98% of my patients test negative for H.pylori.

  • What is Mastic Gum Extract? (It’s Very Good, But Works Much Better When Combined With These)…….

Mastic gum extract, even in small doses, is very effective in killing H. pylori infection. This effective H. pylori remedy comes from the Pistacia Lentiscu tree and has been used for centuries to treat a variety of gastrointestinal disorders. In my experience, it is best taken with a synergistic blend of ingredients which also kill H. pylori and soothe the stomach. This is my four-point program, all in one capsule.

When you’re living with chronic gastritis or ulcer, your digestive system needs serious support. That’s where Diamond Nutritionals’ Stomach Support Formula comes in. In addition to mastic gum extract, this supplement also contains a potent blend of synergistic ingredients designed to sooth your ailing stomach while eliminating the H. pylori infection. It contains bismuth citrate to sooth the mucosal lining of your intestines and promote normal bacterial growth. Zinc carnosine is a complex of zinc and L-carnosine which is very beneficial for stomach health. Berberine sulfate has potent, yet soothing, bacterial-balancing properties.

Helicobacter pylori can wreak havoc with your digestive system and often, so can the conventional methods designed to treat it. With this formula, gastritis and stomach ulcers can be a thing of the past. Get off the antibiotic roller coaster by eliminating the cause of stomach ulcers without destroying your immune system.


    • Hello Saifur,

      Thank you for contacting us regarding our Stomach Support Formula.

      We accept payment by Western Union. Please provide your country and we will give you the best
      shipping options and payment method.

      We look forward to being of service.

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  1. Dear Doc,

    Is your product available in Saudi Arabia.

    If it isnt please let me know how you can ship it to Saudi Arabia.

  2. I have a five yr old son who has been diagnosed thru urea breath test with H pylori since nov 2012. He went thru triple theraphy treatment in dec 2012 but still showed symptoms of h pylori. He still test positive in july 2013 but i have been giving him probiotics and coconut oil and digestive enzymes from Renew Life and the vomiting episodes lessened but some foods still trigger it. Do you have mastic gum formula for mel.lim14@hotmail.comchildren wihh h pylori? Im really very worried for him. I give him goats milk and coconut oil and manuk honey everyday. But knowing kds., they are able not to resist junk foods and lollies from time to time and then they get very sick. He been showing hayfever sypmtoms and asta like sympytoms but its under control asog as i give him lemon and honey. I would like to know if you have some natural treatments for children. Would really apreciate your help. Thanks, Gigi

    • Hello Ms. Lim,

      Our Stomach Support Formula contains mastic gum and has helped many with H. Pylori.

      The dose for adults is one capsule twice a day. For children, we use one capsule once a day. The treatment is for one month.

      For your son, you will want to open the capsule and spread the contents over food once a day.

      We hope for a speedy recovery!

      Warmest Regards,

      Dr. Maxwell and Staff

    • Hello Raynaldo,

      Thank you for your interest in our products.
      We ship to the Philippines. The cost is only $15.00 by USPS 1st Class Mail no matter how large the order.

      All products may be ordered through the shopping cart.

      We look forward to serving you!

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  3. I have H Pylori and am looking for a natural cure. So if I take your supplement for 30 days it will get rid of it? Anything else?

    • Hello Lindy,

      Thank you for contacting me.
      I am sorry to hear about you symptoms.

      Diamond Nutritional’s Stomach Support Formula is formulated with several ingredients, including mastic gum.
      The combination of several natural ingredients work along with the mastic gum, to eradicate H. Pylori.

      Over the years, this product has helped many. My patients, which tested positive for H. Pylori, have tested negative for H. Pylori
      by EGD after taking the product for 30 days. It is very effective.

      It may be ordered through, or by calling us at 513-741-4404.

      Warmest Regards,

      Dr. Maxwell

  4. Hi sir
    I am suffering from chronic gastritis and duodanel ulcer positive h.pylori allopathic medicine could not eradicate so, How may i have your clinics natural medicine please help me.
    I am hearing from you soon
    thank you.

  5. Craig,

    Hi I have asthma swallowing and choking episodes and allergies due in most part to H-pylori and GERD acid reflux and suspected haitus hernia doc is investigating. i would love to try the Mastic gum formula you offer, but are there any side effects I need to aware of? I have recently become allergic to cashew nuts. I never used to be allergic to them. So suspect the HP is to blame for lowered immunity.

    Any advice would be great right now as I am not able to eat properly right now.

    oh and do you supply or have an outlet supplier in the UK?

    Many thanks

    • Hello,

      Thank you for contacting me. I am sorry to hear about your symptoms.

      The first thing to do is get rid of the H. Pylori. Our Stomach Support Formula is very helpful with this.

      It is shipped throughout the world, and has no known side effects.

      It may be ordered through We ship regularly to the UK by USPS. Delivery usually takes 7-10 days.

      Please contact us with any questions.

      We look forward to helping you,

      Warmest Regards,

      Dr. Maxwell and Staff

  6. Hi , can I get the stomach support, my 13yr old has been diagnosed with H pylori bacteria . I dont have a visa card, can I use western union. i live in Nigeria , West Africa.

    • Hello Mariam,

      Thank you for emailing us.
      We look forward to helping your son.

      We often use Western Union.

      The name and address to use is

      Dr. Craig Maxwell
      4421 Hamilton-Cleves Road Suite #5
      Hamilton, Ohio 45013

      The total is $49.50 plus $15.00 USPS shipping…$64.50.

      Please contact us with any questions.

      Warmest Regards,

      The Staff at Diamond Nutritionals

  7. I am from India I would like to buy stomach formula 3 tins . ican send money through western union money transfer how much money I have to send . kindly inform me

  8. Hello Dr. Maxwell,

    It’s been a good six months since I have been feeling really bad. I was diagnosed with H Pylori about a month and a half ago. The doctor prescribed me with the triple therapy and tomorrow is my last day. I am still feeling really bad, abdomen pain, nauseas, bloated, etc. and have been researching the best natural method to finally feel better. Of course, my doctor says if it is still in my system, I would have to try a different combination of triple therapy, which I do not want to go through again. I came onto your page and wanted to know if you could help me. Can I take your Diamond Nutritional Stomach Support Formula now, wait a couple of days, what should I do? Should I just finish the finial day (tomorrow) of the triple therapy? Do you give us instructions on how to take them and for how long? Also, while on your Diamond Nutritional Stomach Support Formula can we drink alcohol? Haven’t been able to drink for almost 6 months and just want one little cup of wine.

    • Hello Ms. Morales,
      I am sorry to hear about your infection with H. Pylori. The triple treatment can
      be pretty rough.
      Diamond Nutritional’s Stomach Support Formula can be started right after the antibiotic
      therapy. The dose for adults is one twice a day for 30 days. It is also very soothing to
      the stomach.
      Moderate amounts of wine can be consumed while taking Stomach Support Formula. You will
      want to follow your doctor’s advice about consuming alcohol with any medication or
      conditions you may have.
      I hope you feel better soon!
      All My Best,
      Dr. Maxwell

  9. Hi! Someone in my Facebook group shared this website with uss so I came to take a look.
    I’m definitely enjoying tthe information. I’m bookmarking
    and will be tweetingg this too my followers!
    Exceptional blog and tereific design.

  10. Dr. Maxwell,

    I am curious if protonix will interfere with this treatment also if there are any medications that do. I am ordering for shipment to US for my husband. Thank you in advance!!

    • Hello Amy,
      Thank you for contacting me. Protonix is OK to take with this formula, as are other medications.
      Warmest Regards,
      Dr. Maxwell

  11. I have been suffering with H P for a long time now, I have gone through 3 treatments of antibiotics and I still came up positive. I am so sick and tired of being sick, I want to get rid of this once and for all but I am some what of a skeptic, please help
    Thank you

    • Hello Mr. Koons,

      I am sorry to hear about your frustration and illness with H. Pylori infection. For my patients,
      I transitioned from antibiotics to Stomach Support Formula years ago. It has proven to
      be very effective.

      I believe you will find it quite effective as well.

      Please keep me updated on your progress.

      Dr. Maxwell

  12. Dear Doctor,

    I am suffering from h pylori for almost two years now and have been on medicine since then I have also taken pylori kit once but it has not helped much now I am on esomeprazole tablet which I take daily half an hour before breakfast. Kindly advise me on your formulae. Does it cure h pylori in all patients, how much time does it take to cure and what is the cost for the full course including postal. Also please let me know how much time it takes to deliver in Ladakh in India. Can it taken with other medicine especially esomeprazole. I am really worried. Waiting for your reply.

    Thanks and regards

    Sonam Wangchuk

    • Hello Sonam,
      Thank you for contacting me. I am sorry to hear about your symptoms.
      I have used Stomach Support Formula with my patients with good success for many years.
      Patients are able to take it with PPI medication. It is very soothing to the stomach, so many patients do not need PPIs.
      For patients with longstanding H. Pylori, I recommend taking it for two months (two bottles). Shipping outside the U.S. is $15.95.
      Please visit us at to order.
      All My Best,
      Dr. Maxwell

  13. Good day doctor, it’s nice reading previous comments on this platform, it reveals how well your therapy has helped different people.
    My case is particularly different cos I been having the symptoms for a couple of years now (especially cronic bad breath) and all efforts by doctors here in Nigeria proved abortive, where some even concluded that it’s cos of poor oral hygiene. Very frustrating! I just stumbled upon this idea of your therapy and I really wish there was a promo or discount kind of a thing which can only allow me to enjoy the benefits of your products. This is as a result if my circumstances and background.
    I anticipate a favorable response! Thank you sir.!

    • Hello Dennis,
      Thank you for your kind words. H. Pylori infection is very common and causes many problems.
      We ship our products throughout the world, including Nigeria. If you visit us at,
      you will receive a discount by ordering Diamond Nutritional products online.
      Warmest Regards,
      Dr. M

  14. Hi
    What is the cost of shipping to Botswana in Africa .Im suffering from gastric reflux from the past five months .But not sure if its heli cobacter .Do you think your medication will b relevant to my problem?

    • Hello Keoagile,

      Thank you for contacting me. The cost of shipping outside of the U.S for any of our products is $15.95.
      No matter how large the order, the shipping fee is still only $15.95.

      Stomach Support Formula is designed to be very soothing to the stomach.
      Many use it for reflux, upset stomach, or indigestion even when no H.Pylori is present.

      All My Best,

      Dr. Maxwell

  15. Hi Dr maxwell I like to know if I can take stomach support all the time I just end my 2 month treatment i am waiting to be tested thank you

    • Hello Ms. Moniz,
      It is fine to take Stomach Support Formula regularly. Even after their H.pylori is gone, many folks continue to take it because it is soothing to the stomach.
      Many others take it who never had H.pylori because of its soothing effects on the stomach.
      Blood antibodies to H.pylori will remain positive many months after the infection is gone, so other methods outlined in the article are the best way to confirm it is gone.
      Please let me know how you do!
      Dr. Maxwell

  16. How will you know if this formula has worked? Will it be necessary to be tested after a 30 day course of this supplement?

    • Hello Heidi,
      This is a very good question. You will want to be tested after treatment, but not with a blood antibody test. Blood antibody testing is good for detection, but remains positive for several months after the infection is gone.
      A good way to be tested is with the stool test mentioned in the article. It is very accurate, and is negative immediately after the infection is gone.
      All My Best,
      Dr. Maxwell

  17. i have been allergic to cashews pistachios and walnuts since I was very little . IS mastic gum ok for me to take ? I really want this gone ! thank you

  18. Dr. Maxwell, I have been having serious pain at the centre of my chest, indegestion and hotness in my stomach. This has lasted for year with a lot of antibiotics taken due to wrong diagnosis. Three months ago, I was diagnosed of having chronic gastritis caused by H.pylori. Please how much does it cost for me to have your product which contains mastic gum to be shipped to me in Nigeria. I need an urgent help because the discomfort is too much. Thanks for your prompt response. Thanks.

  19. Hello Doctor,
    How can i get the formula in qatar. I was diagonised with h pyroli while on vacation( im kenyan) They gave me the tripple therapy. I felt ok for some time but the symptoms are back with a bang. The bug is just horrible. My father has also struggled with ulcers for 20 yrs. Can he also use the formula.

    • Hello Bonny,
      Thank you for your inquiry. We ship to Qatar. Stomach Support Formula has been very effective in eradicating H.Pylori. Your father should benefit from it as well.
      I recommend taking it for 8 weeks. It may be ordered online at
      Warmest Regards,
      Dr. Maxwell

  20. Hello,
    Have been positive Helicobacter and difficult to treat, this has lead to leaky gut. Please what can i use for the
    leaky gut, because have now over weight.

    • Hello George,

      If the H.Pylori has been completely treated, the next phase is to heal the leaky gut. For my patients, I use Ultra Probiotics, one pack daily for at least two months. This product delivers 225 billion CFUs to the GI tract.
      Then I have patients use Probiotic Formula (22 billion CFUs), one capsule a day for maintenance. The delivery system, dose of probiotics, and number of proper strains are very important in healing LGS. These help to raise the IgA antibodies which line the colon walls.
      These Diamond Nutritional products may be ordered through

      Please let me know how you continue to do.

      Dr. M

    • Hello Jo,
      For my young patients with H.Pylori, I recommend Stomach Support Formula, 1/2 capsule in juice twice a day for 8 weeks.
      Dr. M

  21. I was diagnosed with ulcers at 17, I’m now 32 and thanks to my wife reading about H. Pylori, I was urged to get tested and came the test came out positive! Great news as I finally find the root of years of discomfort. Given I probably have had it for a long time, is the formula recommended over the antibiotics I was prescribed (and still feel hesitant about taking).

    • Hi Felix,

      So glad to hear you finally found the source of your discomfort!
      Over the years, I have prescribed antibiotics for H.pylori. They did not always work, and often made
      the patients feel much sicker while taking them.
      Beginning about 10 years ago, I gave my patients the option of taking Stomach Support Formula. Everyone
      preferred it, and the results were outstanding! It is very healing and soothing for the stomach…and patients felt much better even while taking it.
      My usual recommendation is to take it regularly for two months in longstanding cases, such as yours.

      Please keep me posted on your progress!

      Dr. M

  22. Hi, I have been having positive H’Pylori with Urea breathe test for the past 2 years and the doctors been giving me antibiotics but still It is not cured. Recently I have been to a specialist and he gave me some powerful antibiotics and he said I have to take 17 tablets a day for two weeks. I am not happy to swallow that many tablets a day. Some of my friends said to try Naturopath, I would like to get your opinion please help me

    • Hello Krishna,

      H. pylori can be stubborn, as you have experienced. Early in my practice, I used the triple and quadruple treatments when treating my patients for H.pylori.
      Patients would often say the treatment was worse than the H.pylori infection! Persistent nausea, diarrhea, and bloating (as if my patients didn’t already have enough symptoms from the H.pylori infection)
      was a very common problem as one would expect from taking multiple antibiotics at the same time.

      Patients frequently got candida fungal overgrowth in their GI tract as a result of taking so many antibiotics, so they often needed to be treated for yeast overgrowth as well.

      After all that, the H.pylori was gone in about 80% of my patients….if my patients were able to complete the program.

      About 10 years ago, I began recommending Stomach Support Formula to my patients. I gave them the option of the traditional
      antibiotic treatment or natural treatment. Virtually everyone went with the natural treatment, as they were aware of the
      side effects of the triple and quadruple treatments.

      Over the years, I have gathered a great deal of feedback about Stomach Support Formula from my patients. I also order followup tests
      to see whether the H.pylori is gone.

      In my experience with patients, I have found that about 95% of my patients are negative for H.pylori after a one month treatment.
      For those who have had H.pylori longer than 6 months, or have failed traditional treatment, I recommend taking Stomach Support Formula for
      an additional month. With a 2 month treatment, in my experience, eradication of H.pylori is about 98%.

      Patients generally find Stomach Support Formula to be soothing as it heals. This is another great benefit.

      Stomach Support Formula is offered by a number of naturopaths and integrative physicians in their offices. Many others
      refer patients to our website to order it online.

      I invite you to give it a try. I believe you will find it to be quite effective as so many have.

      Dr. Maxwell

  23. Hi! I was diagnose last week with h pylori and i’m on my 4th day with the triple therapy. Until now i feel the medicine is not working and the side effect of the medicine is not good. I’m working here in abu dhabi. I’m loosing weight can you help me pls.

    • Hello Miguel,
      So sorry to hear you are not tolerating the prescription therapy known as the Triple Treatment. Most who come to see me who have tried this treatment tell me they
      cannot take this therapy due to bad side effects. In my experience with patients over the years, I find that Stomach Support Formula not only eliminates H. Pylori better, but is
      soothing to the stomach while it heals.
      I believe you will find it quite helpful!
      Dr. Maxwell

  24. Hello Dr,

    I am suffering from Chronic gerd and has H pylori positive. I have been on antibiotics before but they couldnt eradicate the bacteria. What is teh probability to eradicate H pylori with the diamond nutrional Stomach Formula? Can it 100% eradicate H pylori?

    • Hello SK,
      I am sorry to hear about your chronic GERD and difficulty getting rid of H. pylori. This is a very common problem!
      How difficult it is to get rid of H.pylori depends on several factors such as how long the patient has had H. pylori, how much infection (bacterial load) one has, and
      …..sticking with the proper eradication plan for the needed length of time.
      In my experience with treating H.pylori positive patients at our Integrative Medical Center with Stomach Support Formula, the eradication rate is over 95% after 4 weeks. If a patient has had H.pylori longer than 6 months, I recommend
      taking Stomach Support Formula for 8 weeks. The eradication rate is closer to 98% with an 8 week treatment.
      I hope you find this information helpful and wish you the best of health!
      All my best,
      Dr. Maxwell

  25. Hello Doctor,
    I have now received my 2 months supply of Stomach support Formula and am taking 2 capsules twice a day. Please let me know if I can still take my regular Multivitamin suppliments (Calcium, Vitamin C etc) and Omega Fish oil capsules with this medication? Or should I not take them? Please advice.

    Best Regards,

    • Hello SK,

      You may continue your supplements with Stomach Support Formula. I often recommend the supplements you are
      taking and patients take them with Stomach Support Formula just fine.

      I wish you the best of health!

      Dr. Maxwell


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