How To Have Younger Looking Skin Naturally


by: Dr. Craig A. Maxwell

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Did you know that millions of people just like you struggle with chronic skin problems? These days, more and more startling information is being released about the dangerous chemicals in cosmetics. If you want to be a natural beauty, I recommend using good-for-your skin beauty products that fight everything from acne to crow’s feet.

Common Skin Problems in Adults

Teenagers aren’t the only demographic who have skin trouble. Take a look at this list of common adult skin problems:

When breakouts or signs of maturity come to the surface, most women turn to a cornucopia of creams and cosmetics to correct, moisturize, and disguise.

Chemicals in Cosmetics – The Hidden Danger to Your Health

Back in 1976, the government established the Toxic Substances Control Act with good intentions. It was designed to keep you and your family from exposure to deadly chemicals.

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Unfortunately this law contained weaknesses that have allowed a staggering 80,000 chemicals to be permitted, untested or poorly tested, into your everyday environment. And where do most of these chemicals show up? In the cosmetic products you use everyday!

Most women use at least one or two cosmetics on their skin if not more on a daily basis. Those products may make your skin look and feel good but there is a hidden danger the manufacturers of these products don’t want you to know about.

Namely, that the shampoos, lotions, creams, styling products, foundations, and lipsticks you use every day contain chemicals like parabens and phthalates that have been proven to cause neurological damage, cardiopulmonary issues, infertility, autoimmune disease, and cancer. While Europe closely regulates their skincare products by disallowing 400 chemicals, the United States and Canada only outlaw a handful.

Improve the Health of Your Skin Naturally

If inflammation, puffiness or crow’s feet are making you feel self-conscious about your looks, you have plenty of natural options to improve the health of your skin. For my patient with skin trouble, I recommend:

  • Dietary ChangesFood 186

Believe it or not, you really can eat your way to healthy skin. A diet filled with junk food and processed food can exacerbate acne, eczema, and dry skin. For healthy, glowing skin, choose whole foods. Select organic vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, meats, and healthy fats such as coconut oil, olive oil, and butter. Your thirsty, damaged skin needs good fats to eliminate puffiness and redness and cut down on premature wrinkles.

One of the top supplements I recommend to my patients with skin, hair, and nail concerns is Diamond Nutritionals’ Skin, Hair and Nails Formula. So many women use expensive and chemical-laden shampoos, conditioners, and nail products to mask the physical effects of underlying nutrient deficiencies. This formula contains a synergistic blend of ingredients designed to transform your hair and nails from the inside out.

These ingredients include:

    • MSM –Decreases the pressure inside cells and removes toxins and excess fluids. This results in smoother skin, softer hair, and stronger nails.
    • Horsetail Grass – Contains silica, the secret ingredient responsible for shiny hair and strong nails.
    • Stinging Nettle Leaf – Alleviates inflammation and allergies and may treat autoimmune disease such as Hashimoto’s thyroid, a common cause of brittle nails.
    • Fo-Ti Root – A natural herb commonly used in Eastern anti-aging prescriptions. It can help smooth skin, erase wrinkles, and repair broken nails.
    • PABA – Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) is a B-complex vitamin with powerful anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits.
    • Biotin –Strengthens hair and grows stronger nails. If you avoid eggs, wheat bran, and yeast, you might have a biotin deficiency.
    • Selenium – This trace mineral can help improve the strength and health of nails. Since too much selenium can actually lead to brittle nails, my formula contains 25 mcg. of selenium, just the right amount to treat your brittle nails without worsening the problem.
    • Betaine HCL – Poor digestion is a leading cause of autoimmune disease, chronic inflammation, and nutritional deficiencies. Betaine HCL is a natural digestive aid that improves the way your body processes and absorbs nutrients.

Natural Beauty Products Are Good for Your Skin

As a doctor, I’m very concerned about my patients using commercial cosmetics. However, this doesn’t mean that I expect all women to throw their old products in the trash and walk around with naked skin and hair all day. (We might be a much better society if we did but that’s another article altogether).

What I suggest is that women make an informed decision about their health by choosing natural beauty products that are good for their skin. This is why, over the past several years, I’ve formulated a line of safe cosmetics that can be used by women of all ages.

  • Exfoliate

For a youthful glow, you must exfoliate your skin. Regular skin exfoliation increase circulation, sloughs off dead skin cells, and eliminates built-up toxins. To get rid of acne, ease puffiness, and erase fine lines, I recommend Glycolic Gel. This low pH formula contains Hawaiian algae peptides that purifies, hydrates, and boosts skins firmness. It also contains matte, kola, and guarana extracts that calm the inflammation of acne and rosacea.

  • Moisturize iStock_000022907902Large

Regular moisturizing gives your skin a naturally beautiful glow. However, if you’re still using pharmacy-bought skin lotions, you’re exposing your body to a concoction of chemicals that not only dry out your skin faster but may cause serious health problems down the road. For my patients, I recommend Enriched Moisture Cream. It’s a superior product that relies on vitamin E, algae peptides, and squalene to replenish your skin’s natural moisture and encourage its retention.

  • Even Skin Tone

As you mature, your skin tone may not be as even as you remember it. This is where Retinol Drops Rejuvenating Serum comes in. It contains a powerful vitamin A-based antioxidant that is perfect for sensitive, uneven-toned skin like yours. It also contains molecular sphingolipids designed to ensure stability and maximum absorption so your skin looks smoother, healthier, and firmer within weeks.

Avoid Chemicals in Cosmetics with Mineral Make-Up

There’s no law saying you can’t still beautiful and youthful just because you’re no longer putting chemicals on your skin. There are a few lines of all-natural mineral cosmetics on the market that not only cover as well as what you’re using now but will actually improve your skin from the inside out.

Once you make the switch to all-natural beauty products, you’ll be amazed at the difference in the look and feel of your skin. Avoid chemicals in cosmetics and be a natural beauty. You’ll look just as good if not better than you’re used to!


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