Top 10 Benefits of Bentonite Clay

Bentonite Clay Health Benefits

Many fads, diets and remedies come and go, overwhelming those looking for a healthy and natural way to aid ailments. It’s our society’s means to use over the counter drugs and prescriptions as the go-to method to provide relief. However, I’ve discovered that natural, holistic remedies can be found in food, minerals, and even Earth substances like clay.

Using bentonite clay is one of the methods I’ve looked at more closely, to help alleviate bloating, gas, and irritable bowl symptoms.

What Is Bentonite Clay?

This clay is made up of volcanic ash that has settled within the earth. Bentonite clay contains calcium, magnesium, sodium, and trace amounts of many other minerals. The volcanic ash is settled over a course of thousands of years, allowing a variety of minerals to be absorbed. As these minerals are absorbed, the clay is formed, thus trapping the minerals and nutrients within the clay.

Healing clays, like bentonite, have been used by generations of cultures to rid the body of toxins. Many animals also resort to eating clay or dirt when ill to rid their body of poisons, and help their bodies remove these toxins. Also referred to as Montmorillonite, this clay is normally gray/creme in color, very fine, non-staining, and odorless. Anything that borders on white color could be suspect as being fake.

The largest known supplies of bentonite clay are found in Fort Benton, Wyoming, with much of the supply still harvested there today. This clay requires no processing and is readily available in nature. These two factors allow bentonite clay to be a great choice for a variety of ailments; giving reason as to why it’s been used for centuries!

Bentonite clay has the unique ability to absorb the liquids that it comes in contact with, enabling it to remove toxins and chemicals from that substance. This quality makes the substance an incredible detoxifying agent; great for reducing inflammation, relieving constipation, and removing impurities from body systems.

Top 10 Beneficial Uses of Bentonite Clay

1. Bites and Stings

As a paste, the clay can relieve itching, stinging, and swelling from bug bites and bee stings. Add water to create a thick paste and apply to the area of sting.

2. Detoxification

When taken internally, bentonite clay can help to remove toxins from organs and relieve symptoms of colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and even remove pesticides and radiation toxins from the body. If this method is preferred, begin by mixing one or two teaspoons of bentonite clay powder into a full 8 oz glass of water and drink. Do this for three days, and then refrain from taking any for four days. On the fifth day, begin taking it again for four days, and then refrain for another three days. This cycle can be continued until the acclimation process has completed, which may take up to four weeks. It’s a good idea to take bentonite clay on an empty stomach to keep it from interfering with normal absorption of nutrients from food.

3. Immune System Support

According to the Global Healing Center, studies show that bentonite clay helps protect against agents that negatively affect the immune system. Following the administration of bentonite clay in this study, the aflatoxin’s immune degrading effects were significantly suppressed.

4. Cosmetics names a number of ways that bentonite clay can be useful, including cosmetic usage. It is often used in a variety of cosmetics due to its detoxifying principles and ability to draw toxins from the skin. Bentonite clay can be used to aid the relief of dark circles under the eyes, and for acne control. It also has been used for relief of eczema and treatment of wrinkles.

Woman Using Clay Mask

5. External Usage

Bentonite clay can be used to compress and help sooth swelling on wounds and cuts. Bruises, carpel tunnel and muscle pain can be helped as well with a compress of water and clay mixture.

6. Digestion 

Similarly to how it helps detox the body, it also can help aid in digestion. The Singapore Medical Journal states that when taken, bentonite clay can be used as a laxative. As noted above, it is best taken on an empty stomach to not interfere with any food nutrients and normal absorption. If you are currently taking medication, contact your physician to make sure bentonite clay will not affect its absorption.

7. Health of Teeth and Gums

Bentonite clay can bind to unhealthy bacteria and toxins in the mouth that cause bad breath and infections. Used often as natural toothpaste or daily rinse, it can eliminate harmful elements that surround teeth and gums, ensuring they are not swallowed to make you sick.

8. Water Purification

Bentonite clay can also use its binding properties to bind to toxins in water and other liquids, thus eliminating them. When added, it can remove some of the flouride from drinking water and has even been researched as a potential wide-spread purification method.

9. Beauty Products

Similar to cosmetic use, bentonite clay can be made into a deodorant or to make your hair shiny and fresh. By mixing the clay with other ingredients such as herbal teas, essential oils, and apple cider vinegar it can give a great shine and boost to locks that need an extra “oomph.”

I recommend you try this homemade natural deodorant, which can be made by combining simple ingredients. This recipe helps to eliminate external toxins in the products we use and is aluminum free.

10. Cleans Contaminated Soil

This is an important characteristic that could be used for farmers and other crop producers in order to maintain their soil health. Many chemicals from external sources such as cars, metals, and other pollutants can build up in the soil. Organic chemical compounds can also be found in the soil. These compounds are often known to have carcinogenic effects, causing long-term health effects. By using bentonite clay to detoxify the soil, it helps to aid in crop production on a commercial level or even in your own home garden.

Best Bentonite Clay Product On The Market

Pure Clay Tierra Buena Bentonite Clay

Some bentonite products are for external use only. Others are for internal use. I recommend this Pure Clay Premium by the Tierra Buena Company. This is a great quality pure product, which can be used both internally and externally. The beauty is that you only mix as much as you need and it has no expiration date!


  1. Thank you so much for your time for writing this article. I learned a lot. Just out of curiosity if this is something that I can use 4 swelling on my knee I would very much appreciate your Insight. I currently work in the Sun, I am a male of 30 years of age. This is working great for me. Thanks again for your time really goes a long way.

    • Hello Christian,
      Thank you for the kind words!
      I would recommend seeing your doctor to find the cause of your knee swelling. Once the cause is determined, the best
      course of treatment can be offered.
      All my best,
      Dr. Maxwell


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