Detox For Health In 2015

Healthy Detox 2015

It’s the New Year, and that means resolutions, new goals, and a new you! Many people have weight loss goals or healthy eating goals as a part of their New Year’s Resolutions; others go to the extreme with intense diets plans. Crash dieting and hitting the gym ONLY during the New Year are not sustainable practices for actual healthy weight loss. One of the best ways to jumpstart into the new year as a healthier you is with detoxification.


If you think detox is used only by “health nuts” looking to lose tons of weight, you are wrong. However, many of the most popular detoxification programs and cleanses being pushed are extremely unhealthy for your body. Detoxification should be used for overall health, not as a quick weight loss tactic. It is a means to clean the body, rid it of wastes and harmful toxins, and reclaim much-needed energy. Don’t get sucked into the trends out of “peer pressure.” Check out the real reasons why you should detox for health in 2015 and get on the right track to overall wellness:


1. Energy Boost

As your body detoxifies from the harmful chemicals, you naturally start to feel better. Both physically and mentally, your body becomes more willing to get out and do the things you enjoy. This may be due to the fact that you have eliminated sugars and other processed foods by starting to eat a more balanced diet. Or you may feel better mentally, for doing something good to your body for once! Exercise and eating healthy are the best detoxification methods to feel energized and ready for the day.


2. Reduce Stress

Stress can have debilitating effects on our minds and bodies if we’re unable to control it. A main contributor to dealing with stress is adrenal gland health. Adrenal glands are important to the way that your body and mind cope with stress, and if they are not functioning properly our sense of anxiety can skyrocket. Toxins from food are known to contribute to adrenal fatigue. Alcohol, processed food, and refined sugar all force the adrenal glands into overdrive. When these are eliminated from the body, the adrenal system is able to finally rest. The healthy nutrients from juice, and other detox smoothies, help to heal the adrenal glands. Nourishing the adrenal system can help to reduce the overwhelming feelings of stress and fatigue, placing your mind and body into a better state.


3. Eliminate Toxins and Impurities

Even if you eat well and exercise, the body takes in many toxins on a daily basis that can wreak havoc on normal bodily functions. This causes your liver to work overtime to deal with them. Toxins in processed food, chemicals in the air, and different purifying chemicals in water are encountered daily. A detox or cleanse can help to rid the body of these toxins and get your organs functioning more effectively. Toxins also build up, and can be stored in your organ systems for years. A detox can be just the ticket to reboot your bodily systems.


4. Emotional Release

Many of us focus on the physical benefits of a detox; however, releasing the body of toxins also begins to release emotional baggage. Detox and focus can help you flush the system of deep seeded toxic emotions that have been carried in the body. Emotional pain can manifest itself in the physical body with aches and pains, depression, or other illness. Yoga is a great way to help with the detox process through constriction poses and hip openers, even just with daily meditation practices.


5. Deeper Consciousness

When focusing on our body and the cleansing aspects of a detox, it works to free up our minds, to experience life more deeply. Reducing stagnation of the body systems enhances the ability for free-flowing energy to have a great effect on the mind. Many practices such as deep breathing, yoga, or connecting with nature help the body release toxins, to gain a deeper understanding of the world around you.

Detox Yoga Reduces Stress
Add Yoga To Your Detox Routine & Elevate Your Mental State


6. Weight Loss

Eating a well balanced diet without much sugar or processed foods will help to increase weight loss potential. A detox can jump start your body to eating better and ridding itself of harmful toxins more effectively. Many people see weight loss as part of their detox goals; however for long-term success and weight loss results, building up a healthy starting point for diet and exercise is the way to go, as opposed to crash detox diets. After a crash diet, returning to unhealthy meals can be highly detrimental, causing the body to gain the weight back quickly.


7. Fight Chronic Disease

If our bodies are overloaded with toxins and chemicals, then the normal processes and system functions run at sub par levels. At this point, our bodies become unable to effectively fight off disease. Chronic gastrointestinal problems, fatigue, depression, and even cancer may occur. Proper detoxification can help pull the body back into a state of optimal performance and fight off these dangers.


8. Increase Sexual Drive

Many people experience low sex drive or libido for reasons such as lack of sleep, too much stress, or excess weight. Toxins in the body can lead to improper function of the adrenal system, fatigue, and even sexual dysfunction. Not only can a good detox give you more energy and make you feel better overall, it can also increase your libido.
Detoxifying your home of harmful environmental chemicals can also help dramatically change the way you feel. Chemical cleaning products, including personal care products, can add to the toxins within your body. Eliminate all of these products and replace them with simple, natural versions to help get your body feeling “frisky” again!


Discuss With Your Doctor Before Starting

If interested in a detox, make sure to consult your physician before beginning. Detox can cause medication to be less effective. If your physician is not familiar with detoxification/cleansing programs, I will be glad to be your health coach. Please feel free to contact me.

Here are a few tips to get your body cleansed without starving yourself or going to the extreme. Natural Health Magazine also has a great article that highlights supplements and multivitamins, as well as the importance of water in your diet to help boost wellness. Health and wellness are right around the corner in 2015. It’s about time to start taking better care of our bodies and our minds!


New Formulas Coming Soon: Liver Detox & Super Greens

Within the next two weeks I will be introducing two new products: Diamond Nutritional’s Liver Detoxification Formula and Diamond Nutritional’s Super Greens. Both will be an important part of my detoxification program. I consider liver detoxification to be the most important part of a comprehensive detox program. If you wish to receive product data information about these effective, natural formulas, please email me here.


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