Wi-Fi Risks To Your Health


Within the past two decades the Internet has grown from a business tool to being a part of each of every day lives for the majority of Americans. At work, at home, for leisure, and for fun, each day the average American spends approximately 11 hours plugged into electronic media. This statistic includes television, radio, video games, and other media combined. However, the amount of time that individuals are hooked into the Internet and wireless connections either through laptops or smart phones is rapidly increasing as wireless connections become more readily available. It is now rare to find a coffee house, library, or airport that doesn’t support wireless connections and devices.

Despite the popularity, Wi-Fi can have hazardous effects and present significant health risks due to long-term exposure. Children are at the most risk for these health problems including brain damage and cell growth. One major problem is that Wi-Fi connections are everywhere! Even when personal connections are not available, your body is still exposed due to neighbors, public buildings, and work places that all emit wireless networks. This leads to exposure all day, every day. The electromagnetic field that Wi-Fi routers give off can disturb normal bodily functions due to the frequencies of the electromagnetic waves.


How Does It Work?

Wireless connections use radio waves to emit frequencies that are decoded by the router, sending information to the Internet. The electromagnetic radiation that is emitted is low in frequency and considered relatively safe according to tests. However, routers and wireless connections are not intended to be used 24/7 and the strength of larger wireless routers emits stronger frequencies. Frequencies at this level are equivalent to microwave electromagnetic waves.


So What Does That Mean?

The effects of electromagnetic waves on the human body have been studied for years. Groups such as the Academic Academy of Environmental Medicine report that within the past few years, hypersensitivity and frequency exposure has increased drastically. Electromagnetic waves and radiation emissions cause tissue damages due to the release of electrons, or ionization of the cells. Over time, this exposure can lead to many problems with sleep, cell growth and repair, digestive issues, and even potentially increased risk for tumors and cancer.


Potential Health Risks Include:

  • Sleep disturbances and insomnia
  • Heart palpitations
  • Migraines
  • Development delays in children (fetal development, kidney, disruption of protein synthesis)
  • Brain function and memory
  • Neutralizes sperm and impacts fertility
  • Increased cardiac stress
  • Tumor growth


How To Protect Against Wi-Fi Dangers

So if wireless connection exposure is becoming a widespread and ongoing issue, how can we be protected against the health risks? The duration of the exposure has proved to be the most dangerous factor for Wi-Fi. Therefore, turn off the modems at night and leave phones, computers, and other wireless devices away from the bedroom. Unplug and disconnect from wireless connections when not in use. Placing a laptop on reproductive organs can increase radiation risks as well. Make sure to use a laptop desk and keep at a safe distance to decrease potential exposure. Understanding the risks and how they are increased with various occupations and lifestyles can help to decrease exposure. For example, if an electromagnetic field is strong enough it can magnetize the springs in the bed and disrupt sleep. Daily exposure through occupations such as welders, cable splicers, or machinists increases the risk for exposure health dangers significantly.

Stetzerizer Filter
This Stetzerizer Filter Can Help Reduce High-Frequency Radiation

In the modernized society today it is almost impossible to eliminate all exposure completely. However, protecting the living space is an important step that can be taken to help reduce health risks. Many products have been developed to help protect your home from electromagnetic field radiation. The most important step is doing research and gathering as much information about the electronic devices you and your family use on a regular basis. I recommend the Stetzerizer Filter, which helps reduce high frequency radiation pollution in your home or office.

Talk to a physician to determine if any of your symptoms or health problems could be associated with EMF exposure and start to clean up and eliminate the toxic nature of wireless connections from your lifestyle and home today.


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