Best Herbs for Weight Loss

Cayenne Pepper For Weight Loss

One of the most successful types of business in the U.S. is the business of weight loss. According to reports from the Centers for Disease Control, more than one third of the United States population is considered obese. According to IBISWorld, one of the world’s leading publishers of business intelligence, the annual revenue of the U.S. weight-loss industry is currently $6 billion. This tells you that Americans want and/or need to lose weight, and they are willing to pay the price for all types of diets, exercise programs, and cosmetic procedures.

While the true remedy to weight loss for most can be managed with a combination of healthy eating and exercise, certain herbs have been linked to weight loss and may add a boost to your quest to slim down.


7 Herbs For Weight Loss

Herbal supplements have been around since early Chinese medicine and have been thought to add positive value to our health. This value also applies with its application to weight loss. Here’s a list of my favorite herbs you can try to help shed a few pounds.



While peppermint has been known to refresh the senses, freshen up the breath, and alleviate nausea, it also has been linked to promoting weight loss. In the same way that peppermint alleviates nausea by moving your digestive system and flushing out waste, it also benefits in the form of speeding up weight loss.



Deemed as a pesky weed, the dandelion plant sure gets a bad rap here in the U.S. Rather than kill dandelions in your yard, you ought to be cultivating these beneficial plants! Dandelion removes toxins, flushes out waste, alkalizes the body and reduces inflammation. All of these processes together contribute to an overall reduction in weight over time. The tender leaves may be used in salads and soups, or used as a tea. Dandelion root is frequently taken in capsule form. Roasted dandelion root is also used as a tea.



Ginger For Weight Loss

Ginger has long been associated with weight loss and for good reason. Research studies have concluded that it may actually act as an appetite suppressant, as well as a metabolism booster. The next time you think to eat without actually being hungry, drink some ginger tea to suppress your appetite and then head to the gym instead.


Cayenne Pepper

This herb has long been associated with weight loss because it contains capsaicin, regarded as an appetite suppressant according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Additionally, capsaicin is also heat generating – which may increase thermogenesis in the body.



Cinnamon has long been linked to many medicinal benefits including weight loss. Not only does it metabolize fat at a faster rate; it also stabilizes blood sugar, minimizes hunger pangs, and helps you feel fuller longer. It also assists in controlling insulin levels for those with diabetes, a condition that often occurs right alongside obesity. We’re not giving you permission to indulge in cinnamon rolls by the way; instead, try sprinkling a spoonful of cinnamon into your oatmeal, tea, or coffee.



Turmeric For Weight Loss

This herb, often associated with Indian culture, has proved to alleviate a slew of medical ailments including but not limited to: cancer and Alzheimer’s prevention, lowering cholesterol, soothing sore throat, improving liver function and more—including weight loss according to World’s Healthiest Foods, one of the leading sources of information on the “Healthiest Way of Eating and Cooking”. In respect to weight loss, it helps to prevent weight gain by lowering the formation of fat tissues.


Black Pepper

One of the more commonly used spices, black pepper contains piperine—a compound that boosts your metabolism, burns fat at a faster rate, and improves your digestive system.

The next time you think about buying some exclusive diet pill that promises to drop pounds fast, please reconsider for something that is not only more beneficial in the long run but also natural. While herbs alone are not the “magical potion” for weight loss, when added to a regimen of regular exercise and nutritious eating, they can be the secret weapon to weight loss.

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