Work Breaks Can Boost Your Health

work breaks boost health

We’ve all had stressful days at work and we’ve all enjoyed the keen moment of refreshment gained by taking a short break in the middle of one of those days. But did you know that work breaks can not only boost your productivity but also enhance your healthy lifestyle? According to a research study by Baylor University, taking work breaks can result in higher job satisfaction, less burnout, and better health.

Unlike your laptop or cell phone, people need to recharge frequently. In fact, as reported in The Huffington Post, recent research has shown that if you take a short break every hour, you will perform better on the task at hand than those who just grind away hour after hour.

In addition to refilling your creative wellness and increasing your efficiency at work, taking a break is also a great opportunity to give your health goals a boost.


6 Ways to Boost Your Health on a Break

  • Nutrition – Eating a healthy snack like an apple or a yogurt with fruit, while on a short break, is an excellent way to make sure you’re hitting your nutritional goals for the day.


  • Get moving – Take a ten-minute break to go up and down the stairs. Or take a short walk. These activities will help improve your health and maintain your weight. It will also help re-energize you more effectively than that fourth cup of coffee.


  • Have fun – Watch a funny video, have a text conversation with a good friend, or read something you’re deeply interested in. Taking a moment for a mental break can help relieve stress.


  • Meditate – This one might sound impossible to do in a busy office. However, many apps are available to give you a calm, meditative moment that will send your levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, plummeting. Many of them are free! Here’s a great list from Healthline.

meditate at work

  • Stretch – If you exercise, you know the value of stretching. But unfortunately stretching is a bit like flossing – something everyone knows is vitally important, but they still struggle to make it a habit. You don’t even need a fifteen minute break. Five minutes is enough to get some good stretches in. You will boost your circulation, lower stress levels, reduce cholesterol, and help prevent injuries.



So make the most of every moment in your day. Even when you’re busy it’s possible to nurture your health. And it will even make you more productive, leading to more free time!

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