Is WeWork’s Rise the Future of Exercise?

weworks rise

I’ve been seeing an increase in interest in holistic health. People want a more natural approach to healing their bodies and keeping themselves healthy. Part of that approach involves building community around healthy lifestyles. Holistic health centers have been on the rise as more people discover the benefits.

WeWork, a company known for its collective workspaces, is now moving into the fitness world to offer people a new kind of experience. I haven’t personally visited their new fitness center in Manhattan, but I am curious about how it fits into this overall trend.


WeWork and Rise

WeWork emerged as a startup in 2014 and has grown at light-speed, becoming the biggest lessee of commercial real estate in America, according to Forbes. They lease an entire floor of an office building, then rent out each small piece to a startup or sole proprietor. They didn’t pioneer collective workspaces, but they cultivate an environment of positive social interaction that workers have embraced.  

Now they plan to apply that idea to wellness facilities. With Rise by WeWork, members can join a wellness community, which provides a one-stop shop for all wellness activities in a social atmosphere. Rise is currently launching in Manhattan, but given the success of WeWork, it is likely to spread nationwide in the not-too-distant future.


Benefits of Community Wellness

Since the 1980s, people have joined gyms, in part, to take individual fitness classes–from aerobics to Zumba to spinning to whatever is the latest trend. Now, people are shifting from boutique courses to holistic wellness, to exercise different parts of the body and mind.

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More and more people, doctors included, are recognizing the importance of the connection between body & mind and in keeping them both healthy. Rise offers community-based classes, multiple fitness studios, personal training, wellness programs, and a complete spa experience.

But most significantly, Rise places emphasis on social interaction. The company believes that a social experience makes exercise more fulfilling and productive, just as they purport in their collective workspaces. They carve out comfortable locations–in both their workspaces and their new gym–carefully designed to foster social interaction.

I’ve discussed before the importance of your social life on your health. When you surround yourself with positive experiences, it has a positive effect. Studies show we’re more motivated to take healthy actions when we can share the experience with friends. And, we tend to gravitate toward people who share our interest in healthy living.

Rise’s one-stop holistic health model may very well be the future of emotional, physical, and social health and wellness. Other existing gyms and new startups may soon follow suit!


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