Summer Break Healthy Lunches


Tips For Packing Healthy Lunches In The Summer Time:

  • Some types of fruits travel easier in a lunch bag like grapes, orange slices or cherries. Choose fruits that won’t get bruised as easily as others.
  • Keep a handful of water bottles in your freezer. Throw one in the lunch bag in the morning and it will keep the food cold and be melted by lunch.
  • Have several cold packs in your freezer ready for any last minute trips to the park or pool.
  • Keep a lunch box size cooler in the car filled with high fiber healthy granola bars, nuts, water, and whole grain crackers. Just in case you make any unplanned stops and your kids are saying, “I’m starving!”
  • Pre-portion snacks that you buy at the grocery store into baggies or plastic containers immediately so that they are ready to go for the week.

Finally, create at least 3 meals that take less than 15 minutes to prepare that you can keep on hand. This will help when your child is starving and you just walked in the door. Consider a grilled cheese sandwich or scrambled eggs instead of stopping for fast food.

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