The Possible Smart Meter-Autism Connection


by: Dr. Craig A. Maxwell

You may have heard the term “Smart Meter” in connection with your electricity but aren’t quite sure what the fuss is about. Thousands of people in multiple states are opting out of their use in their homes.
The radiofrequency radiation emitted by Smart Meters have been linked to autism, sensory processing difficulties, EMF hypersensitivity, infertility, and cancer.

Why Smart Meters are Replacing Analog Meters

At first glance, a Smart Meter looks similar to your current analog meter but it’s actually quite different. An analog meter measures your energy usage and needs to be read by a meter reader who physically comes to your home. It emits no radiation. A Smart Meter, however, gathers information about your energy usage and transmits this information wirelessly via radiofrequency radiation.

Many analog meters have been quietly phased-out and replaced without customers even being aware any change has been made. It may surprise you to know that since 2012, 30 million Smart Meters have been installed throughout the United States. This type of phase-out is very similar to the incandescent light bulb ban.

The consensus is that Smart Meters and fluorescent bulbs are being made to decrease energy consumption and reduce our carbon footprint. But at what cost to your health?

Electromagnetic Fields Linked to Autism and Sensory Processing Disorders

The electromagnetic fields produced by Smart Meters, cell phones, and microwaves have been scientifically-linked to autism and other sensory processing disorders.

According to a study published by The Journal of Pathophysiology, symptoms of autism spectrum disorder may develop as a result of electromagnetic frequencies “de-tuning” your body and brain. This phenomenon occurs as a result of EMF/REF exposure that can cause a circuit overload. Reducing exposure has been shown to mitigate these symptoms by reducing the obstruction of natural physiological repair.

Studies have shown that the strength of an EMF is not as important as the duration and pattern of exposure. Intermittent and continuous radiation exposure often puts you at the greatest risk. It is believed that the cells in your body are able to adapt more readily to chronic exposure but when exposure is intermittent, your defense system “drops its guard” so-to-speak, resulting in increase susceptibility and therefore, increased damage.

It is believed that the brain damage resulting from radiofrequency radiation is due to the disruption of the blood-brain barrier, resulting in a condition called neuronal hyperactivity disorder, a common precursor to autism.

Some research suggests that EMF can also facilitate early-onset autism symptoms by trapping heavy metals inside nerve cells, which can result in chronic heavy metal toxicity as the body is no longer able to clear them effectively.

More Health Risks Associated with Smart Meters

  • Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is a condition characterized by skin rash, flushing, burning, tingling, cognitive impairment, chronic fatigue, weakness, headache, chest pain, heart arrhythmia, tinnitus, anxiety attacks, and ataxia. Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is often difficult to diagnose as it mimics the symptoms of so many other conditions.

  • Cancer

The radiation emitted from Smart Meters has been classified by the World Health Organization as a class 2B carcinogen. This radiation has been shown to greatly increase free radical damage and lead to the abnormal DNA changes associated with cancer.

  • Infertility

Radiofrequency radiation has been linked to sperm damage, low sperm count, and low sperm motility. There have also been documented ovary and uterine abnormalities in laboratory mice. One study indicated that women who were exposed to high amounts of electromagnetic frequency had higher incidents of reproductive damage, developmental damage to the fetus, and miscarriage.

Protect Yourself from the Health Hazards of EMF Exposure

  1. Limit Your Use of Other EMF Sources

Cell phones, microwaves, laptop computers, hair dryers, and electric can openers put out a strong amount of electromagnetic frequencies. Limiting your use of these gadgets or using them more safely can help reduce your risk of exposure. I recommend using a hands-free headset when talking on your cell phone for long amounts of time. If you do use a microwave oven, never stand near it while your food is cooking. Allow your hair to air dry whenever possible. Invest in a manual can-opener.

  1. Opt out of the Smart Meter

Contact your energy company and ask how you can opt out of the Smart Meter. You won’t be alone. Dozens of petitions have been going around in multiple states, started by consumers concerned about the health risks these meters pose. You may have to pay a nominal fee to keep your analog meter but it will be worth it for your health.

  1. Cover up Your Smart Meter

If you are unable to get rid of your Smart Meter, you can cover it up using a simple DIY method. Purchase a large, thin lead sheet to cover up the wall directly behind the Smart Meter. For example, if you have the meter attached to the wall outside your bedroom, you’ll use the lead shield on the indoor wall to shield yourself from the radiation. Be sure to wear gloves when screwing the lead sheet to the wall to avoid possible lead contamination. Once the lead sheeting is up, paint over it to match the color of your room and prevent unsuspecting children from directly touching the sheet. You can also place a lead ring around the face of your Smart Meter to further reduce radiation contamination.

  1. Eat a Protective Diet

Diet plays a large role in your body’s ability to defend against environmental toxins such as radiation and pesticides. Foods that are high in antioxidants can help offset the effects of EMF. I recommend eating plenty of organic cruciferous vegetables, artichokes, red beans, pomegranate seeds, blueberries, walnuts, pecans, dates, cinnamon, and cilantro. Slowly wean off highly-processed foods and migrate to healthier fare over time to avoid processed food withdrawal.

  1. Add a Vitamin D3 Supplement

There is a strong connection between excessive EMF exposure and vitamin D deficiency. Radiofrequency radiation has been shown to prevent vitamin D absorption when exposed to natural sunlight. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to chronic inflammation, neurological impairment, autoimmune disease, and skin cancer. Adding a high-potency vitamin D supplement can help prevent the development of the diseases associated with both EMF exposure and vitamin D deficiency.

Smart Meters may be the wave of the future but they have been linked to serious health problems. If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms of EMF sensitivity or if your child has the symptoms of autism, the radiation emitted from Smart Meters could be partially to blame. Do more research, contact your electric company, and reduce your radiofrequency radiation exposure as much as possible. It just might save your life.





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