Get Your Mind and Body on Track in 2019

Get Your Mind and Body on Track in 2019

It’s a new year and that means trying new things! For many, it also means a newfound emphasis on living your most healthy life. Health and nutrition trends for 2019 may closely echo what we saw in 2018. With those ideas as a foundation, 2019 might see some interesting newcomers that we should look out for.

2019 Diet Trends

The Ketogenic Diet rose to great popularity last year. It boasted an increase in metabolism and mental clarity via the intake of specific fats. A second popular diet of 2018 was Intermittent Fasting. That diet claimed good results from a regimens of fasting, though exactly how long you should fast varied from account to account. Although they topped the 2018 diet trends, others maintained popularity. Healthy eating proponents also forwarded the Mediterranean Diet, the Carnivore Diet, and counting macros. Some diets remain popular year after year and we will see them continue in 2019. The validity of the newcomer diets will determine if they remain.

More people now take an interest in the timing of their meals and snacks. Many believe that timing your eating to your circadian rhythms can pay off. I’m fascinated by this idea and will definitely be writing a post about it in the near future!

Mental Clarity for 2019

Maintaining clarity and sharpness of mind has seen its share of trends as well. The field may see more evolution, in fact, than dieting. That being said, many of the touted ways of clarifying the mind involve what you eat! You might try a limited amount of caffeine plus vitamins that affect brain function. Advice that never goes out of style is to limit fast food, which is linked to poor mental health in addition to its well known physical harms.

Limiting screen time has increasingly become a goal for many people. With Apple rolling out its Screen Time feature in mid-2018, iPhone users are set up to make changes easily. You should determine if your usage is normal or borders on addictive. Meditation and floating are other hot trends that seem to only increase as more people learn of their effectiveness.

Fitness Trends for 2019

Notable among recent trends is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Its users strive to get the most out of a workout in a short amount of time. In our ever-running modern world, a workout that gets results fast seemed inevitable. For 2019, expect to see HIIT techniques incorporated into more traditional workouts, like Pilates and yoga. There’s also a new take on HIIT, called F45. This 45 minute workout draws on the motivation that comes from working out with a group.

Speaking of which, group fitness continues to grow as a trend. I’ve previously talked about the benefits of social connections for your health, and it seems more and more people are catching on. With more people working from home or relying on technology for social interaction, taking part in a group class might be just what the doctor ordered.

2019 Trends to Keep You Healthy

What to look for in 2019 might be a means to combine the key factors of a healthy life. With a healthy food intake to form a foundation, the adoption of good exercise and practices for good mental health will create a better you. Those New Year’s resolutions you made need a firm foundation of action. Create your fitness plan for 2019 with care, then stick to it. Your health is too important to do otherwise.


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