Salt Therapy for Breathing Conditions

salt therapy for breathing conditions

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation, about 26 million Americans suffer from asthma. Millions of others suffer from various breathing conditions from seasonal allergies to COPD. The inability to breathe freely can severely limit the quality of life, so if you fall into these categories you’re probably ready to embrace anything that might provide relief!

Some people are breathing easier thanks to halotherapy. Halotherapy, also known as salt therapy, is a 150-year-old tradition. Dating back to the Greeks, this ancient treatment has grown in popularity recently. Many people find salt therapy to be an excellent treatment for respiratory issues, as well as numerous other health issues.

What is Salt Therapy 

Salt therapy is an alternative treatment where patients breathe salty air to treat respiratory conditions like asthma, chronic bronchitis, and allergies. Inside a salt therapy room, you’ll enjoy lounging on a soft chair or table while a halogenerator sprays microparticles of salt into the air. According to CBS News, nearly 300 salt therapy rooms exist in the US and Canada alone, many people are praising the benefits of this holistic treatment. However, does science back these claims?

The Science Behind Salt Therapy 

In a study published in the journal Pediatric Pulmonology, a team of scientists studied the effects of 14 halotherapy sessions over the course of seven weeks. 26 of those students were put into a salt room without a halogenerator to spray the air with microparticles. At the end of the study, scientists noticed that the students who received halotherapy exhibited a “statistically significant improvement” in bronchial responsiveness (BHR). They concluded that a salt room with a halogenerator may have beneficial effects in children with mild asthmatic symptoms. 

Published in 2014 in the “Animals of Agricultural and Environmental Medicine,” one study found that 300 people in Poland who had purchased sessions in an artificial salt room and 93% reported feeling better and more relaxed. 

In 2000, another study was published in Klin Med, which studied patients who suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases like chronic bronchitis and asthma. These patients saw improvements in lung function after salt therapy treatment. Additionally, a decrease in blood pressure had specifically been observed as well. 

Is Salt Therapy Safe? 

For the most part, yes. Many people found the treatment to be incredibly relaxing and overall calming. However, it’s simply not an alternative to treating serious breathing conditions. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America believes that concentrated salts can irritate the airway. As a result, you may see a buildup of mucus and coughing, which can worsen asthma symptoms. 

Other Benefits of Salt Therapy

Even if you don’t have a breathing condition you can still enjoy the benefits of salt room therapy. Let’s look at some of the other therapeutic benefits salt rooms offer.


With plush, relaxing seating, a quiet setting, and dim lighting, it’s easy to let your stresses melt away. If you’ve been having a rough week or even just a bad day, look for a salt room in your area to de-stress. Giving your mind and body a chance to unplug and relax can have immense benefits throughout all areas of your life. 

Seasonal Allergies 

Itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, and foggy head are all unfortunate symptoms of the season changes. Fortunately, a salt therapy session can help alleviate some of your symptoms. Salt therapy rooms can help clear up your sinuses and allow you to start breathing easier again. 

Skin Conditions

Eczema, psoriasis, and acne sufferers can benefit from a few salt room therapy sessions. The air pumped into the room is “antibacterial” and this purified air helps relieve topical skin conditions. Not only will your skin conditions start to look better but they will start to feel better. You’ll need to attend a few sessions to see real benefits.

Reverse Pollution Effects 

If you live in a big city you can’t help but breathe in polluted air from cars and trucks along with secondhand smoke. Both outdoor and indoor air pollution pose health hazards. Inhaling salt aerosol can help cleanse your airways and speed up the elimination of toxins in your respiratory system.

Talk to your doctor before booking a salt room therapy session. Your doctor will be able to tell whether or not your condition is mild enough to enjoy the cathartic benefits of a salt room session. If you know you have a severe breathing condition, it’s best to stay on the safe side and avoid them. 


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